A Baby For The Millionaire

by Helen Cooper

Chapter 1

“Jenny, just be calm. No one is going to know.” My best friend and roommate Lucy tries to soothe my fears.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go in. I should just look for a new job and use my real resume.” I say desolately. I really needed this job. Rent was due in 3 weeks and I had burnt through all of my savings. I bite my lip. I don’t know what to do. This was my dream job, social media director for a big TV station. I was originally going to apply for the junior associate position but had gotten drunk with Lucy and Anna (my other best friend) one night and we had all created fake resumes for our perfect jobs. I didn’t realize until I was halfway done with my interview that I had actually applied for the wrong job.

“Jenny, you know that stuff inside out. You can totally do it.” Lucy was right, I wasn’t actually worried about the work but more about them finding out that I didn’t have an MBA and 10 years experience at a Fortune 500 company.

“I just don’t want to get fired you know. First job and fired, that’s not going to look too good.” I sighed.

“You won’t get fired, I promise.”

I smiled at Lucy and wanted to tell her not to make promises she couldn’t keep but I knew she was worried for me. She hadn’t been able to find a job yet either and if this didn’t work out for me then we would both have to move back home.

“I’ll make it work Lucy! I got this.” I couldn’t let us down. There was no way that I wanted to move back home and I knew that Lucy didn’t want to go back either. Her parents would never let go of her if they got their claws into her again. I knew my folks would love me to come back but I just didn’t want to be a failure. I hadn’t moved to New York for college, just to have to move back to Palm Bay, Florida when I was done.

“How do I look?” I twirled around in my $300 Macys suit, thank God for credit cards, and grabbed my handbag.

“You look like a million dollars Ms. Carpenter.”

I grabbed Lucy’s arms and squealed and we did a little dance before I noticed the clock. “Uh oh, I gotta go before I miss the train. Don’t want to be late on my last day.”

I looked at myself one last time in the mirror. My shoulder length light brown hair hung in waves, even though I had flat ironed it for at least 20 minutes this morning. My green eyes sparkled helped by the mascara and eyeliner I was wearing and I looked like I was a professional, instead of a 23 year old about to head out on her first day.


“I’ve got this, I’ve got this.” I mumbled to myself as I walked into the Verona Building. I gulped as I looked at all the professional people around me. I saw 2 news anchors and a famous actor as I walked to the front desk and took a couple of breaths before I spoke.

“I’m here for my first day…”

“You here for the job with Hamilton?” The lady looked me up and down suspiciously.

“Uhm, yes.” I squeaked. I had thought my new bosses name was going to be Jack but didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself. “I’m here to work for Hamilton.”

“Heh, you don’t look like someone with years of experience, but what do I know?” I went to answer her but realized she was talking to herself.  “Take this, go up to the 35 floor, and wait in the office on the right.”

“Okay.” I grabbed the guest pass she gave me and looked around, not sure where the elevators were.

“The elevators are over there,” the receptionist pointed to a spot directly to my right. “Press the button 35 to get to the 35 floor.” And with that she started talking to the next person.

Embarrassed I walked over to the elevator. This day was not going well at all. I got off at the 35 floor and walked past an empty desk into a huge room that had a great view of the Manhattan skyline. I could see the Empire State Building and gazed in admiration.

“Can I help you?” A deep voice in my ear made me jump.

“Aaarrgh.” I screamed. “Sorry, I frighten easily. I looked up into the darkest blue eyes I had ever seen. They didn’t look impressed or amused.

“Uhm, sorry. I’m just waiting for Jack, I mean Hamilton. I’m not sure exactly.”

The man raised his eyebrows at me. “You don’t know who you are waiting for?”

I swallowed hard watching him talk. He was gorgeous. Tall and handsome didn’t even begin to describe it. He was like a male Adonis, with short dark hair, complimenting his tanned skin and solid body. Wow. That’s all I could think. Wait until Lucy hears about this.

“Sorry. This is my first day. And I’m not sure if there was some confusion or what?” I looked at him and offered a smile, hoping to garner his sympathy.

“You’re the new girl?” He looked at me in disbelief.

“Uh, Yes.” I try to look at him adamantly, like I was ready for business.

“They hired you?”

“Yes. And I accepted. I had several options you know but wanted to work for the best.” I beam and fuddle around with my briefcase.

“You look like you are barely out of college, not someone with years of experience.”

“Well, yes. I do get told I look young for my age. But I know all about Twitter and Facebook and of course Pin interest.”

“What?” The man looked confused.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Jenny Carpenter.” I reached for his hand so I could give him my professional handshake. I’d been practicing it all night with Lucy.

“Okay, Jenny. Well I’m Hamilton. We have a lot to do today. I hope you are prepared.”

“Yes sir. I am definitely prepared and ready for the job. Uh, what happened to Jack?”


“Yes, I thought he was supposed to be my boss?”

“I’ve no idea what you are talking about. If you don’t want this job you can leave.” And with that Hamilton walked into his office.

I stood there biting my lip. Something had gone dreadfully wrong but I wasn’t sure what. I had a feeling that this Hamilton was going to be able to figure me out pretty quickly. He didn’t seem the sort to be easily deceived. And he had to be pretty high up in the organization. His office was huge.

“Jenny, are you coming or what?” Hamilton stood at the entryway of his door and I swallowed hard.  I had an overwhelming urge to kiss him. There was something about him that was so virile, so manly. Nothing at all like the college boys I had dated before. Hamilton was all man.

I followed Hamilton into his office and took a seat in front of his desk. I tried to open my briefcase so that I could take out a pen and paper so I could take notes.

I looked up and saw him staring at me impatiently.

“Sorry, I can’t seem to remember the code.”

“The code?”

“For the padlock” I nodded down to my briefcase. “It’s new you see. Lucy got it for me on her Macys charge card as a first day at work gift.” Along with the suit, but I didn’t tell him that.

“Hmm, and who is Lucy?” He lifted one eyebrow at me. I wondered how he did it but I knew now was not the time to ask.

“My roommate and best friend. We went to Columbia together. Uhm, many years ago of course.” I smiled up at him and tried to look older. Shoots, I was going to blow it before I even made it to lunch.