The Rules (The Millionaire's Assistant #3)

by Helen Cooper

Chapter 1

They walked to her room silently. She was glad that the lights were out and that Liz was in bed. She suddenly felt shy. She didn’t know what Oliver was expecting to happen once they got there. She had never had a man spend the night in a long time and she didn’t think this was going to be a typical night of lovemaking.

“In here.” She whispered to him as she opened her bedroom door. The moonlight shone through her open window and created a shimmering light on her bed.

“Why is your window open?” Oliver looked at her angrily.

“I always leave it open, I like fresh air.”

“Close it from now on. It’s not safe to leave your window open.”

Alice tried not to roll her eyes at his bossy tone. She was on the 4th floor of the building; there was no way anyone was going to be able to get into her bedroom window.

“Nice room, “ he looked around her small, neat but comfy room and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Thanks.” She looked at him sitting there and had a sudden urge to jump on him.

“Shall we talk now or after?” He stared at her and reached for her arm.

“After what?” She asked him innocently.

“You’re incorrigible you know that Alice.” He drew himself close to her face. “I’ve a mind to take you over my lap and smack you for being a naughty girl.”

“No thanks.” She smiled at him sweetly, while shivering inside. She had been having light BDSM fantasy’s after reading the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy. The only problem was Oliver Park was no Christian Grey. Oliver was handsome and rich but she felt that the level of fame that came from being a Hollywood actor was much more detrimental to his personality than being a successful businessman. Plus Christian was a fictional character and Oliver was all too real.

“No thanks?” Oliver glared at her and pulled her into his arms. She yelped in protest as he placed her over his lap. “I’ll give you a no thanks.” And then he promptly smacked her bottom. She cried out in surprise, he hadn’t hurt her but she just hadn’t expected him to do it.

“You aren’t practicing for a new role are you?”


“You aren’t smacking me because you are trying to get a part as a Dom or something are you?” He didn’t reply but instead raised her dress up and slapped her on her bottom again. He then used his fingers to caress her and she gasped out as he slipped his fingers in-between her legs and rubbed her cl*t as well.

“Oh.” She trembled as she felt the tension building in her pu**y.

“Oh, indeed.” He smiled, withdrew his fingers and took her off of his lap. She groaned as he lay back and lay back on the bed next to him.

“So, what are we going to do?” Alice spoke after a couple of minutes of silence. She wanted to rub her fingers all over his hard body but she didn’t want to be rebuffed.

“Why don’t we talk?” She could hear the grin in his voice as he spoke. She realized that if she wanted something physical to happen, it was going to be all on her.

“Okay.” She spoke sharply, trying hard to make sure that he didn’t hear the disappointment in her voice.

“So, what’s your favorite movie?” He spoke softly and turned towards her on the bed. She stared into his eyes and felt her insides quiver with joy. She was here with Oliver Park, a man she had admired for years. She wasn’t going to let anything ruin her time with him, not even him himself.

“Unbroken Man,” She spoke softly, a little embarrassed to admit that to him that she loved his first serious role so much. “That was the movie that made me realize I wanted to be a writer. You know, I have loved all of your movies.” She spoke earnestly and was surprised to see he looked taken aback and embarrassed.

“But ‘Unbroken Man’ was the movie that transformed your acting to me. You went from being a hot guy to a man with real talent. When you spoke to Maria in that last scene, I could see the tears in your eyes, feel the tension in your shoulders and hear the tremble in your voice when you said to her, “Maria, at some point in his life every man has to make a decision. He can enjoy the …” She broke off as Oliver repeated the words that made her fall in love with him.

“He can enjoy the quiet solitude of passionate nights and adventurous mornings, or he can ride in the bliss of a family love so strong that it brings downs mountains.  He can shout out to the world of his love and bear the pain of disappointment and heartache when things go south. Or they can do what I’m doing now. They can leave unbroken, unharmed and unloved. Some may say I’m a coward but I think I’m strong. My journey, our journey was never meant to be.”

Alice looked at him in wonder; his face was transformed by the moonlight and the words. She could see the hurt and pain in his eyes. This was a man that had known pain. She wondered briefly, if that was why he didn’t want a relationship now. If he was so messed up from being given up for adoption that he would rather remain unbroken than to try and find love.

“You have good taste in movies,” Oliver grinned at her, attempting to break the tension that had grown between them.

“I couldn’t believe you didn’t win the Oscar for that role.” Alice licked her lips as she spoke, suddenly nervous.

“Alice, can I ask you a question?”


“It seems as if you have followed my career for years. Why then did you act like such a bitch at the Diner, that very first time we met?”

“I was the bitch? Are you joking?” Alice’s voice rose and he put his hands over her lips to quiet her.

“I thought we didn’t want to wake your roommate?” He winked.

“Then don’t ask such obviously dumb questions.” She turned away from him in the bed and he laughed. He moved up behind her and started spooning her.

“Then tell me why you want to be a writer,” he whispered in her ear.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She could feel him wrapped around her all warm and hard, his breath tickled in her ear as he spoke and in that moment, she felt as if she were one with Oliver Park.

“I want to make people feel. I want to make words transform emotions, transform lives. I want people to have to pinch themselves to make sure they are truly alive because their feelings, my words and their feelings overwhelm them with greatness.” She rushed out the words and paused to hear his response.

“Don’t you think that will be hard writing a  p**n o?” He laughed into her ear and she turned around and hit him. “You are incorrigible Oliver Park, you act like a little boy. Everything is not about sex.”

“Well, everything good is?” He looked down at her and then bent his face to kiss her. “Everything worth living for centers around sex.” He quickly moved his face down her body and sucked on her clit. Alice tried to resist the heat in her body and attempted to weakly push him away but she knew she didn’t want him to stop. She came about 5 seconds after he stuck his tongue into her and tried to ignore Oliver’s triumphant groan.

“You see Alice. You feel the pleasure in your body? That’s from sex. Good old fashioned sex.” He grinned at her as she pouted at him.

“That’s not all that can make you happy in life.”