The Game Changer (The Millionaire's Assistant #4)

by Helen Cooper

Chapter 1

“What do you expect me to do, Oliver?” Alice looked up at him, scared to hear his answer.

She knew that if he said she wanted her to sleep with John Gold that she would leave. No man that expected her to have sex with another man was the man for her. Not even Oliver Park.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, Alice. The night is young.” Oliver looked at her but his eyes weren’t connecting. She could see he was in a daze.

“Oliver,” she said his name roughly and she saw his eyes focus.

“Sorry, Alice. Just trust me. Please.” He pleaded with her. “Do you want to get this movie made or not?”

She stared at him. The pain in his eyes made her heart cry out. She wanted to fix him. She loved Oliver Park, madly and deeply. She couldn’t care less about her career at this point but she knew she couldn’t tell him that. She knew he would be freaked out. He had mentioned that John Gold had something to do with what happened to his mother. It seemed to her that the issues that stemmed from his mother leaving him. Those issues made him unable to have a good relationship. She wondered to herself if this could be a way to fix that issue. That maybe this could be a way for her to help him and perhaps open up a path to a real relationship between the two of them.

“Okay. Let’s go back to the table,” she whispered and walked back. Oliver followed behind her and they sat down.

“Welcome back.” John got up from table and grinned at Alice. The smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“Where’d you go, baby?” Maribel purred up at Oliver and rested her head on his shoulder. “I missed you.”

“Just popped to the bathroom.” Oliver kissed the side of her head tenderly and Alice looked away.

John bent down and whispered in her ear, “Wanna head out of here and go somewhere a little more relaxing?”

“Uh sure,” she responded affirmatively, while her body screamed no.

“Oliver, Alice and I are going to head to the Dark Room if you and Maribel want to join us.”

“That sounds great.” Oliver smiled a wide smile and he winked at Alice when no one was looking.

“What’s the Dark Room?” Alice questioned. She’d never heard the name before and it sounded ominous.

“It’s a very special club.” Oliver smiled at her. “I’m sure you will enjoy it.”

“I see.” Alice didn’t see anything but she could tell that he didn’t want to tell her anything else.

“In fact, let’s all ride over together,” Oliver offered. “I can drive.”

“My driver will take us.” John’s voice was pleasant but firm. “This way we can all enjoy ourselves without any other concerns.”

“Sure.” Oliver agreed but Alice could see he didn’t like the idea. She was really starting to worry about what was going to go down. She fished in her purse and took out her cellphone. “I hope you know what you are doing.” She texted him quickly and put her phone back again quickly. The rest of the dinner went quickly and without incident and Alice found herself with John at the door to his limo before she knew it.

She climbed in carefully and quickly and tried to keep as far away from John as possible. However, he sidled up to her and caressed her legs immediately. It took everything she had to not shove his hands away from her. She looked over at Oliver and Maribel and she could see the girl massaging his c**k through his pants. Oliver was staring at her intently and moved Maribel’s hand off him. He whispered something to Maribel and she giggled and laid her head in his lap.

Alice wanted to scratch Maribel’s eyes out. She closed her eyes and prayed for the night to end quickly. They pulled up to a dark building that had no noticeable signs. They walked in and the rooms were completely dark, except for some candles. Oliver went to the man standing at the front and whispered for a couple of minutes. He walked back to the group and smiled. “I got Marco to hook us up with two prime rooms. We can all go and change now.”

“Sounds good.” John immediately walked away and went into a room to the left of Marco and Maribel and Alice just stood there waiting.

“Maribel, you can go to the room on the far left. Marco will show you where to go when you are ready. I just need to speak to Alice quickly.”

“Okay.” Maribel left the two of them alone together.

“What is this place?” Alice whispered to Oliver. She wanted to see his eyes. She knew what to think and feel about what he was saying when she was able to see his eyes, but it was so dark she could barely see an outline of his face.

“You do not need to know that right now.” Oliver’s voice was hard. “Remember the rules. You need to do what I am telling you.”

Alice swallowed hard, resisting from shouting at him.

“You need to go and change into some crotchless panties. Nothing else.”

“What?” she screeched at him. “Hell no.”

“This is for me, Alice. I am going to join you in the room in a few minutes.”

“Where?” Alice frowned, something wasn’t sounding right.

“Marco will tell you which room to go into. I want you to lie on the bed and wait for me.”

“Where will John be?” she whispered.

“Somewhere else.”

“You aren’t making sense, Oliver.”

“Do not question me anymore. Enough” He grabbed her arm. “Go and change.”

“I don’t know.” Alice’s voice was small. “I…” Her words were cut off by his mouth; his tongue invaded her and she felt herself melt into him. She kissed him back passionately. She felt his hands kneading into her ass and she pressed herself into him. He pulled back from her and she sighed.

“Go to the room and wait for me. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Okay.” Alice shivered with excitement. She walked into the room and a beautiful blond lady smiled at her. “What would you like?” the lady beamed.

“Crotchless panties, please,” Alice whispered.

“I think you will be okay with nothing dear.”  The lady laughed.

“Actually can I get a thong and a bra that unclasps from the front?”


“Thanks.” Alice grabbed the two skimpy pieces of underwear and went to change. She was not brave enough to be walking around naked. No matter how dark it was. She quickly put on the thong and bra and went back to Marco. He took her to a room and walked her to the bed. It was pitch black. Not even a candle. She got on the bed and lay there for a second. She saw a very, very quick flashing red light coming from the ceiling on the right.

“Excuse me Marco? What’s that red light?” she called out.

“It’s an infrared camera,” Marco responded. “Mr. Oliver he asked for this room to be recorded, audio and visual.”

“I see.” Alice was a little mad that Oliver hadn’t told her what he wanted to do.

“Anything else ma’am?” Marcos asked her.

“No, no. Thanks.” She laid back, her heart racing in anticipation. She heard a noise by the door. “Oliver?” she called out.

“Yes, I’m here,” he responded to her question, his voice sounding very odd. She felt him come to the bed and crawl up next to her. He grabbed her to him and she moaned with pleasure as he immediately kissed her and ran his hand between her legs. He crushed her towards him.